Specialty Oligonucleotide Department

Art in Oligonucleotide Synthesis

ChemGenes has over 40 years of experience in nucleoside and nucleotide chemistry. We are currently offering high quality, highly modified oligonucleotides including any type of RNA/DNA chimeras and fluorescently-labeled probes.

Paper Cranes
Some examples include:
  • RNA Synthesis of 100mers
  • using conventional and reverse direction methods.
  • Highly Efficient Probes
  • featuring our novel and patented Quencher Dye, IQ4TM (Instant Quencher 4.0)
  • CombiClickTM Click Chemistry
  • strategy using our proprietary Click Chemistry platform for synthesis of modified oligonucleotides in combinatorial fashion
  • Terminal Phosphate Modifications
  • 2'-Phosphate oligonucleotides
    5'-Diphosphate oligonucleotides
    5'-Triphosphate oligonucleotides
    2',3'-Cyclophosphate oligonucleotides
    5'-Adenylated oligonucleotides (rA-pp-NNN)
  • 3',5' Azido modified oligonucleotides
  • 3'-AZT modified oligonucleotides and
    5'-Azido modified oligonucleotides
  • Peptide oligo conjugates
  • Exotic Nucleobases from our extensive catalog item list.

Non-Discounted Prices

40nmol 200nmol 1μmol 3μmol 10μmol 100μmol 500μmol 1mmol
DNA $0.65/base $1/base $2/base $4/base $10/base inquire inquire inquire
RNA (2-50nb) NA $6/base $10/base $20/base $50/base inquire inquire inquire
RNA (51-110nb) NA $8/base $14/base $28/base $70/base inquire inquire inquire
2'-OMe (2-50nb) NA $6/base $10/base $20/base $50/base inquire inquire inquire
2'-OMe (51-110nb) NA $8/base $14/base $28/base $70/base inquire inquire inquire
IE-HPLC / RP HPLC NA $80 $110 $125 $175 inquire inquire inquire
Dual HPLC NA $125 $155 $185 $250 inquire inquire inquire

The ChemGenes Corporation Quality Management System is certified by Intertek as conforming to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.
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